Ladies and Gentlemen ....Handyman Prague


Is your husband or boyfriend often busy and not available if you have to do something at home?

Do you live alone and have no one who can help with various repairs, or work at home?

Are you a company and need someone who is willing to take care of even minor repairs around?

Need something to make other companies refuse?

Are you looking for someone who would care about the swimming pool, garden, lawn or other around the house on a regular basis?


You just need a handyman?


Then, you have landed on the right page!


We come in clean clothes, do not smoke or drink, behave decently and with respect, and always tidy up after we have completed our work.



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Peter Jesenský

Ryznerova 59/27
Unetice ,Praha-Zapad

+420 734788500

IČ: 88139212

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